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Santulan Garden

The best acupuncture option in Playa del Carmen


The alternative therapies we offer in our holistic center:


The ancient practice of Chinese medicine that involves the application of very fine needles in different parts of the body in order to improve the energy of the body and restore health.

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Broad range theory that address the underlying causes of disease, using a systematic approach in which the patient and doctor are both actively participating to restore optimal health.

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Complementary therapy to acupuncture that involves applying heat to acupuncture points using a mugwort (moxa) cigar (Artemisa oficinalis) a common medicinal plant in the east.

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Traditional therapy consisting of the administration of herbal tinctures from various plants for the treatment of diseases such as anxiety, depression, pain, colitis, gastritis, asthma, and others.

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Commonly used therapy in various traditional medicines that is applied by sucking the skin with glass and fire, in order to relax the muscles, apply heat, and eliminate pain.

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A variation of acupuncture that consists of the micro-surgical elimination of fibrosis in diverse parts of the body, in order to eliminate chronic pain.

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Variante de la acupuntura que consiste en la aplicación de pequeños filamentos de colágeno purificado en los puntos de acupuntura que estimulan la zona las 24 horas hasta por 28 días.

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Complementary therapy to traditional acupuncture that involves applying an electric current through the needle in order to stimulate energy and relax muscles.

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Factor de Transferencia

Compuesto de moléculas diminutas que transmiten información al sistema inmunológico y ayuda al organismo a reconocer infecciones y así brindar respaldo necesario al sistema inmune.

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Therapy that seeks to eliminate heavy metals from the organism as well as improve the cardiovascular capacity of the patient

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IV drip therapy

Treatment that consists of the application of vitamin mixture, sucah as Vitamin C (high dose or mega doses), as well as multivitamins such as B Complex and others intravenously.

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Alternative medical treatment that aims, among other objectives, the saturation of oxygen in the body through the insufflation of a mixture of oxygen and ozone to the body in various ways.

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Terapia que utiliza los elementos generales de la medicina tradicional china así como los conceptos desarrollas en relación a los microsistemas, esta terapéutica cosiste en la implementación de imanes o semillas colocadas en lugares específicos del pabellón auricular.

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myofascial release therapy

Therapeutic technique for the treatment of muscular pain (originating from tendons and fasciae), which consists of the manual release of the tension generated in the areas of pain.

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Also called "KT", it consists of cotton elastic tape with an acrylic adhesive that is used to treat athlete's injuries and other physical disorders.

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Dry Needling

Technique that uses acupuncture needles to treat myofascial pain syndrome and / or trigger point syndrome.

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May your body and your vital soul be united in an eternal embrace.

Santulan Garden es un centro de sanación holística donde convergen varias terapias alternativas o complementarias, como la acupuntura, la medicina tradicional china, homeopatía, herbolaria, fitoterapia, terapia neural, biodecodificación, la medicina funcional, entre otras. Con más de cuatro años practicando la acupuntura en Playa del Carmen siempre nos ha preocupado ayudar a recuperar la salud de la comunidad con la mejor opción terapéutica disponible, es por eso que nuestro equipo de profesionales de la salud está integrado por médicos calificados y especializados dos de las mejores casas de estudio del país, la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) y el Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) ambos en sus sedes de la Ciudad de México, además de contar con la certificación del Colegio Mexicano de Médicos Generales.


Who are we?
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Medical doctor and Homeopathic doctor, graduate of the National Polytechnic Institute, has a master's degree in occupational health, safety and hygiene, and a specialty in human acupuncture from the National School of Medicine and Homeopathy of the National Polytechnic Institute.


Medical surgeon graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with specialty studies in acupuncture at the National Polytechnic Institute and training in the areas of traditional Chinese medicine and functional medicine from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.  


Médico cirujano y partero titulada por el Instituto Politécnico Nacional, realizó sus estudios como especialista en Acupuntura Humana en la Escuela Nacional de Medicina y Homeopatía del IPN.


Acupuntura para el alma


We appreciate the kind words of each of our patients.

Es la mejor alternativa para de verdad llegar a una sanación completa. Ya que el cuerpo necesita de complementos naturales y holisticos para llegar a una alineación perfecta.


Para mi sigue siendo una de las mejores terapias que he recibido y sigo en ello. La terapia neural del Dr. Marco Polo es la que me ha echo volver a caminar y cada vez me va disminuyendo más el dolor. Recomendado 100%

Mayte Navarro

Highly recommended
Excellent natural products
I could not have achieved my level of health without Dr Marco’s help
He is great with kids too!

Estelle Richard

Ich hatte ganz schlimme Rückenschmerzen und sollte operiert werden. Ich konnte kaum noch laufen und Dr. Marco Polo wurde mir empfohlen. Ich ging vor ungefähr sechs Monaten das erste mal zu Dr. Marco und nach der ersten Behandlung konnte ich wieder normal und ohne Schmerzen laufen. Ich gehe jetzt alle 1-2 Wochen zur Elektro Akupunktur und Cupping und fühle mich wie neugeboren. Ich kann nur sagen das Dr. Marco Polo Wunder wirkt. Auch seine homöopathischen Produkte sind hochwertig und sehr zu empfehlen.

Christina Kastner

I have been plagued with neck pain for about 4 years. I have gone through PT 3 times for a couple months each time with a little relief, 2 rounds of injections (steroids), countless chiropractic and massage therapy treatments and even went to another Accupuncture clinic a few times with never any lasting relief. Finally!!! I found the right doctor, the right treatment for me. I cannot recommend him enough. Love the results and am back to my regular active self. Thank you so much
Wendy Wyatt
Dr. Marko is an excellent Homeopathic/Chinese medicine specialist, and doctor. He has excellent intuitive insight on acu-points that need to be addressed. I have been to acupuncturist before, and they only left me feeling slight relief. After each session with Dr.Marko. I always felt rejuvenated, and cleansed. He is highly professional, and takes his time to diagnose the underlying issues with health, and diet. Dr. Marco also helped me discover food allergies that was a cause of inflammation in my body with dairy. Dr. Marco is very talented in his skillsets. I highly recommend him!



Bonjour je me fais soigner chez eux depuis trois ans il y a deux ans il m’ont détecté un cancer du sein je me suis fais accompagné pendant la chimio par santulan garden les cancérologue n en revenez pas Que je supporte tellement bien là chimio pendant 6 mois ensuite la radiothérapie et maintenant depuis in ans une autre chimio de confort et je suis toujours accompagné de l’acupuncture du dr Marko polo meme pendant ma chimio je faisais du sport je courre trois par semaine 10 kilomètres je pense que l’acupuncture ma beaucoup aide grâce au dr Marko polo Et le dr lizzie Alors je vous les conseille vivement il ont différente méthode chinoise et plante chinoise

Jasmin Jordan

Doctor Marco is absolutely fantastic. He specializes in Chinese Medicine but also has a medical degree so he’s incredibly knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Agnie Helm

Super profesionales. Sin duda un servicio de primera calidad y un trato humano. Resultados comprobables desde la primera sesión. Muchas gracias!!!

Mónica Rivera


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