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Electroacupuncture is a technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine variant of acupuncture, which combines the use of needles and electrical stimulation, sending a small current through the area placed on the electrode as it is inserted into the acupuncture point.


What does this treatment do?



The electrical current provides stimulus and vibration during the treatment. This stimulation is mimicking activation of the points by hand, but allows the treatment to cover more of the body through the duration of the treatment. The stimulation activates your body’s response to produce pain-blocking bioactive chemicals and decreases the pain you feel. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation in the body.

What can electroacupuncture treat?

The result of electroacupuncture is usually satisfactory, especially if used in patients with chronic pain, neurological, muscle spasms, facial paralysis, circulatory disorders among others. Some cases have also been described in which it is associated with an improvement in mood.

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