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Santulan Garden


¿Qué es Santulan Garden?

Centro de sanación holística donde convergen varias terapias alternativas o complementarias, como medicina funcional, acupuntura, medicina tradicional china, TRHB, medicina herbolaria, terapia neural, biodecodificación, ozonoterapia, infusiones de vitaminas intravenosas, masajes entre otras.

Recuperamos la salud de la comunidad con la mejor opción terapéutica disponible, es por eso que nuestro equipo de medicos bilingues (Inglés/Español) esta integrado por:

• Médicos cirujanos generales

• Especialistas en acupuntura humana

Especialistas en medicina tradicional china

Especialistas en medicina funcional

Especialistas en remplazo hormonal

Somos tu mejor opción en las siguientes situaciones

  • Menopausia
  • Gastritis
  • Diabetes
  • Ansiedad
  • Depresión
  • Hipertensión
  • Hemorroides
  • Paralisis facial
  • Desordenes Tiroideos
  • Fatiga crónica
  • Dolor muscular
  • Intestino irritable
  • Disfunción erectil
  • Cólicos menstruales
  • Problemas digestivos
  • Dolor de articulaciones

Especialistas en  Santulan Garden

Dr. Marco Polo Franco Hernández

Inglés / Español

Médico Cirujano egresado de la Escuela Nacional de Medicina y Homeopatía donde también obtuvo una maestría en ciencias en salud ocupacional y especialidad en seguridad e higiene y también certificación como especialista en acupuntura humana. Continuó sus estudios en medicina tradicional china, TRHB, ozonoterapias y medicina funcional.

Dra Samantha Cortés Moreno

Inglés / Español / Mandarin

Médico cirujano titulada por la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, con estudios de especialidad en acupuntura en el Instituto Politécnico Nacional y formación en las áreas de medicina tradicional china y medicina funcional por la Universidad de Beijing de Medicina China.  

Dra Nuri Diana Muñiz Sandoval

Inglés / Español

Médico cirujano y partero titulada por el Instituto Politécnico Nacional, realizó sus estudios como especialista en Acupuntura Humana en la Escuela Nacional de Medicina y Homeopatía del IPN.

Dra Elizabeth Bautista Arias


Médico cirujano titulada la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, realizó sus estudios como especialista en Acupuntura Humana en la Escuela Nacional de Medicina y Homeopatía del IPN y Especialización en Acupuntura y Fitoterapia por la UAM.

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A base de 27 reseñas
Brenda Jeppesen
Brenda Jeppesen
When mom and I first came to Mexico I was on the hunt for bioidentical to continue our prescriptions from home. It wasn’t easy to find someone but I finally did. Unfortunately the units of measure are different in Mexico and the doctor I found over prescribed by 4 times the amount of thyroid medication which results in both of us becoming very ill. I was on the search for a new doctor which was a frustrating adventure. Most family doctors aren’t educated in hormonal health but thank goodness the Universe sent a gift. I found Dr Marco Polo and he has been a godsend. His time and attention and patience is remarkable. He has not only made us feel so much better, he has been able to prescribe our bioidentical and at a more reasonable cost compared to the previous doctor. I can without any hesitation highly recommend Dr Marco for anyone with hormonal issues. Thank you Dr Marco and staff for your care and support. The best team ever!
Karine Valin
Karine Valin
Le Dr Nuri est vraiment très bien et très gentille, elle parle anglais ce qui aide beaucoup.
Manuel Aguirre
Manuel Aguirre
I am so happy that I found this facility and especially Dr Nuri. I have been dealing with severe back and sciatic pain for many years. Dr Nuri reduced my pain so much that I was able to walk without being in so much pain. I can’t recommend her enough she is so kind and knowledgeable. If you need help with anything give her a try she will be honest and will do all she can to help improve your situation.
tina wilson
tina wilson
Thank you Santulan Garden and Dr. Samantha!! I had been suffering with physical pain in my knee and with gaining weight for a few years (inspite of trying to loose weight). I had been feeling disappointed and frustrated with my efforts and other treatments to feel better so I was also feeling emotionally low. Soon after my first appointment I experienced relief from the knee pain. I could finally see my kneecap again! After only 5 months I feel like myself again!! I've lost 7 kilos too! I am very grateful for Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, Detox, Santulan Garden clinic but especially for Dr Samantha!! ¡Mil gracias!
Nik Hanson
Nik Hanson
Dr Marco is incredible!!! I’d had asthma and taking steroid inhalers for over 37 years and since I finished my treatment with him I’ve been a full year today without any asthma medication! He has a great mix of western trained and eastern philosophy. His English is incredible and when I’m back in Mexico I’ll be absolutely going to see him again! Thank you so much
Jennifer Sanders
Jennifer Sanders
The best holistic treatment option in Playa. Dra. Liz and Dr. Franco truly care about helping you feel better and actually look for the cause of the problem to treat that as well. They are honest about what to expect and have the experience to know what it the best option and course of treatment to get the results you want.
Martin Pelletier
Martin Pelletier
Great place. Very friendly service. I went for acupuncture and the session was more thorough than I expected. The whole well being is considered.
Dean Arcan
Dean Arcan
Dr Marco is an extremely competent Doctor who has in-depth knowledge of Western and Chinese medicine, as well as many other alternative treatments and modalities. On top of this, Dr Marco is very kind hearted and I can feel his genuine care for his patents. He has a wealth of knowledge and is more than happy to answer any questions and share his insights and experience on a wide range of health and wellness topics. He offers a very unique set of treatments and protocols, and has a wide range of supplements to support all types of health goals. He has an excellent team around him who are equally as caring, helpful and a real joy to communicate with. It is a great pleasure and joy to work with Dr Marco and I'd highly recommend him, as he provides a world class service and amazing results!
Laurie Ann Halbe
Laurie Ann Halbe
I saw Dra Sam for a significant chronic health issue and within a month it was healed completely due to Dra Sam's skilled guidance. I had been dealing with Western doctors telling me there was nothing wrong with me for months and it was very disheartening. Dra Sam really took the time to listen to me and validated my experience. I felt extremely supported and cared for. Highly recommend Santulan
Lauren Neuburger
Lauren Neuburger
So grateful I found this clinic! Dr. Marco and his staff are so friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. I came for support to help me increase my energy and reduce inflammation in my body - his treatments helped me so much. I’m so grateful!

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