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IV Vitamin therapy


Intravenous vitamin therapy is a treatment whereby a dose of a specific vitamin (or a combination) is administered intravenously and usually at a much higher dose than can be administered through oral therapy. The benefit is a higher bioavailability in the patient’s body. 


What does IV vitamin therapy do?



IV therapy can accomplish a number of things, depending on the vitamins and/or minerals you choose to have in the IV. It is very common to use the therapy to boost immune function, speed wound healing, improve overall energy levels, or improve dehydration.

What can IV vitamin therapy treat?

Vitamin therapy at Santulan Garden is specific and customized for each patient. Your doctor may suggest it as part of a broader treatment plan or alone, depending on your needs and health goals.

Santulan Garden

We are a holistic healing center conformed by experts in alternative medicine. Our mission is that you recover your health with the best therapeutic option available, that is why our team of bilingual (English/Spanish) doctors is integrated by:

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