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Myofascial release therapy


Therapeutic technique for the treatment of pain of muscular and connective tissue origin (tendons and fasciae), which consists of the manual release of the tension generated in the painful areas.


What does myofascial release therapy do?



During myofascial release therapy, the therapist locates myofascial areas that feel stiff and fixed rather than elastic and mobile under light manual pressure. The focused manual pressure and stretching used in myofascial release therapy loosens restricted movement, which indirectly results in pain reduction.

What can myofascial release therapy treat?

Myofascial release is a manual therapy technique often used in massage. The technique focuses on pain that is believed to arise from myofascial tissues, the tough membranes that wrap, connect and support muscles. Theoretically, myofascial pain differs from other types of pain because it originates from «trigger points,» which are related to stiff, anchored areas within the myofascial tissue.

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