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Ozone therapy is the application of medical ozone through minimal punctures or direct application for therapeutic purposes to improve the functioning of organs and tissues, treating multiple diseases, among which stands out its application in patients with diabetic foot.

What does ozonetherapy do?



Ozone therapy is the administration of medical ozone in the organism for the treatment of different diseases.

The medical action of ozone derives from its capacity of:


  • Modulation of the immune system.
  • Modulation of oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Improvement of tissue oxygenation.
  • Direct disinfectant and trophic action (useful inwounds).

What can ozonetherapy treat?

This treatment is used for multiple diseases, including osteoarthritis, cervical disc herniation, chronic pain, delayed healing, fatigue, chronic fatigue, recurrent vulvovaginitis and inflammatory diseases in general. In some cases it is applied as a sole therapy, while in others it acts as a support to another treatment.

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